Publications based on Elfe data in the social sciences context

Pirus C., Bois C., Dufourg M.-N., Lanoë J.-L., Vandentorren S., Leridon H. and the Elfe team. «Constructing a Cohort: Experience with the French Elfe Project », Population 65(4) : 637-670, 2010. Read the article.

Charles M.-A., Leridon H., Dargent P., Geay B. and the Elfe team. «Tracking the lives of 20,000 children. Launch of the Elfe child cohort study», Population et Sociétés n° 475, Février 2011. Read the article.

Panico L., Tô, M. et Thévenon, O..  «What is the link between mothers’ level of education and low birthweight?», Population et Sociétés n° 523, Juin 2015. Read the article.


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