This survey is the first wave of the Elfe study. It was carried out by trained midwifes shortly after birth in the selected maternity wards. The survey is composed by a face-to-face questionnaire with the child’s mother, data extracted from medical records and two self-administered questionnaires (mother / father). The main objective is to obtain information about the pregnancy development and the socio-demographic context of the household.

2 months

This survey is the first step follow up survey. It was carried out by trained interviewers two months after the child’s birth through a telephone interview. The survey is formed by a mother questionnaire and a father questionnaire, which have as objective the setting of the household’s socio-demographic situation and the baby’s first development elements.

3-10 months

This survey covers the feeding habits of the child within his first life months. Parents could fulfil this self-administered questionnaire by electronic or paper interview.

1 year-old

This survey continues the tracing of the Elfe’s child about 1 year after his/her birth. It was carried out by trained interviewers through a telephone interview. The survey is also formed by a mother’s questionnaire and a father’s questionnaire, with the objective to set the main household’s socio-demographic changes, the child development and the first tracks of his/her social and cultural environment.

Contextual databases

This database includes indicatory variables regarding the socio-economic context of the household’s region in 2011.