What is ELFE ?

Elfe is the first French multidisciplinary, large scale longitudinal study based on a population sample, which aims to follow children from their birth to their 20 years-old. This study focuses on how the socio-economic, environmental and family environment of children during their lives affect their health, development and socialization.


To remember

Survey starting year: 2011. Four inclusion weeks were identified to include births at every season.

Territory: Metropolitan France.

Initial sample: 18329 children. All children born during the inclusion weeks at 349 randomly drawn maternity wards in metropolitan France from 33 weeks gestation whose mothers agreed to participate. *Minor parents, multiple births of more than two children and births before 33 weeks gestation are excluded.

Follow up schedule:

Maternity - 2 months - 3-10 months - 1 year-old - 2 years-old - 3,5 years-old - 5,5 years-old - ...


CC CG94 photo : David Merle