Data access

Elfe data must be accessible to all research teams, public and private, French or foreign. All variables will not be available at the same time for confidentiality reasons.

Requests for data access take place through the PANDORA platform, where the choice of variables is made and by uploading all the necessary information relating to the research project that required Elfe data. The maximum time of response to the request is 3 months.

The exclusivity of the data access will last for 18 months in general.

For more details on data access as well as special cases, you can download the detailed data access explanation (French only).

To create a request.

In order to obtain a PANDORA ID, or to get access information for those research teams that do not belong to the operating ELFE group, we suggest you to contact the ELFE team


*Be careful!! We recommend you to read the ELFE for dummies section, as well as taking into account the variables you will need in order to use the code of constructed variables proposed in this website, before making a data request.