Crédits photos

The images and illustrations on this site are from a variety of different sources and image banks, specifically Fotolia, the Flickr network.

Copyrights and image rights are indicated either in the caption below the photo or the online photo file IPTCs.

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Credits for the images and illustrations in the news items and scrolling menu sections may be found below:

What is ELFE?: CC children playing photo - Pedro Ribeiro Simoes - Flickr

Surveys: CC Questionnaire photo - Ikhlasul Amal - Flickr


Data access: CC the naughty spots-connections photo - Lali Masriera - Flickr

Survey variables: CC Surveys to compile photo - The Bees - Flickr

Constructed variables: CC Construction for-ev-or photo - Kyle May - Flickr

Elfe for dummies: CC Learn photo - GotGredit - Flickr

Referencing and contributing: CC as if time stops... and stay photo - Victoria Harjadi - Flickr